STEM Awareness : Raising awareness in STEM education

The Chevron Enjoy Science Phase II project is continuously operating to develop and create awareness on the importance of STEM educational management. The project covers and connects learning in and outside of the classroom, working collaboratively with a network of partners who are leaders in their fields both domestically and internationally.

Further partnerships shall be made with the government sector agencies to promote policy-driven purposes. These agencies include the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the National Science Museum (NSM), and 19 science centres nationwide. Knowledge exchange shall be made with international experts such as the New York Hall of Science from USA to expand the scope of design and development of learning activities, variety of exhibitions, and capabilities to create expansive networks in the area.

Overall, the quality of management of academic museums shall be uplifted, further developing STEM learning resources for youth, students, and the general public as well as creating opportunities for equal quality learning.