Thailand School Improvement Program

Thailand School Improvement Program, or TSIP, was created through the collaboration of the Chevron Enjoy Science Project and the Teachers’ Council of Thailand.

The aims of the program are as follows:

To pilot the quality improvement of academic administration in schools through the analysis and usage of learners’ information, in order to design a program to improve the learning quality and competency of learners in accordance with the characteristics and skills needed in the 21st century.

To create changes in school management through the Professional Learning Community (PLC).

To build networks and establish academic cooperation at the local level between universities, Educational Service Area Offices, schools, and the private sectors in the region.

Partnership for Educational Development

TSIP aims to improve the quality of academic administration of schools and to jointly build Professional Learning Communities through cooperation between key partners in the project.

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for STEM Education (SEAMEO STEM-ED)

serves as the implementor of the Chevron Enjoy Science Phase II Project.

  • Allocates budgets for the development of Professional Learning Community (PLC).
  • Jointly enhances the quality of teaching and learning management of teachers by using STEM education, and encourages school leaders to improve school quality by using STEM education as a basis to develop knowledgeable students, with pertinent characteristics and skills needed in the 21st century by Thailand and the international community.

Edu Park Company Limited

  • Provides an evaluation test-database to support pre-school and post-school assessments for participating schools.
  • Produces evaluative reports on mathematics and science learning to support the project.

Wisdom Wide Company Limited

  • Co-creates online and digital platforms to support professional development learning and PLC activities.
  • Provides channels to foster knowledge and understanding of professional development through the PLC process for educational professionals.

The Teachers' Council of Thailand

  • Pilots the Thailand School improvement Program (TSIP).
  • Supervises, monitors, and evaluates the Professional Learning Communities (PLC).

Project Implementation

Introduce Chevron Enjoy Science Phase II Project and conduct the project’s professional development trainings through Webinars.

Manage learning essential for establishing professional learning communities through the TrainFlix online platform.

Supervise, monitor, and support participating schools in the area through university networks.

Transcribe lessons and evaluate activities through collaboration with university, networks and schools.

Expected Results


School networks shall possess clear guidelines and targets for academic administration, and shall apply school quality improvement best practices to continuously improve instructions.


Students shall develop positive attitudes, strong knowledge and skills which are neccesary for higher education, or sufficient for employment.

Scope and Procedures for Supervision, Monitoring, and Evaluation of the Project

Learning outcomes in mathematics and science are measured through evaluative assessments such as the Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests (TEDET), which measure knowledge level before and after learning, as well as the degree of positivity indicated by students’ behavioral attitude toward the subjects. All of this is done to understand the target group regarding operations and for data collection to interpret academic performance.